Tiffany's Pictures from DC

Our friend, Tiffany Cross, agreed to take some pictures of us while we were in DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival and I am so thrilled with the results! Here's a couple of my favorites:

You should visit her photography blog, Tiffany Cross Photography, to see the rest! Thanks again, Tiff!


Holy Monkey, That's a LOT of Clothes!!!

So I finally sorted through, folded, and binned up Olivia's clothes from preemie through 9 months. It felt so nice to stack these bins up ready to go in the attic. Last weekend Dave and my FIL, Paul, got so much done around the house. They transplanted two trees, finished installing the child locks downstairs and put all the infant gear into the attic (swing, papasan, exersaucer, etc.).
It is so strange to be putting away these things from Olivia infanthood which seemed to last the blink of an eye. I do have to say though, it's nice to have the space back!