Olivia is now one year old. She enjoyed a wonderful cowgirl-themed party full of family and friends the weekend before. We had a nice family dinner the day of her actual birthday. It has been such a fun and exciting time. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from her party:

This photo montage was made by my super creative photographic Dad:
Here's Dave & his little Cowgirl:
I decorated these overalls myself. Partly out of necessity since they don't make birthday outifts in size 6/9 months and partly because I wanted her to have some handmade from me on her special day. I thought they turned out really adorable!
Singing Happy Birthday! It was such a happy day and I think this picture conveys the love in the room at that moment.
Chocolate-covered Birthday Girl!!!

We had her one year well-child checkup today so I'll post soon with all that info!

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Chris said...

She's adorable! I love the overalls - what a great idea.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!