Olivia is now one year old. She enjoyed a wonderful cowgirl-themed party full of family and friends the weekend before. We had a nice family dinner the day of her actual birthday. It has been such a fun and exciting time. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from her party:

This photo montage was made by my super creative photographic Dad:
Here's Dave & his little Cowgirl:
I decorated these overalls myself. Partly out of necessity since they don't make birthday outifts in size 6/9 months and partly because I wanted her to have some handmade from me on her special day. I thought they turned out really adorable!
Singing Happy Birthday! It was such a happy day and I think this picture conveys the love in the room at that moment.
Chocolate-covered Birthday Girl!!!

We had her one year well-child checkup today so I'll post soon with all that info!


Happy New Year!

Olivia has begun the year by becoming an independent walker! She took her first real steps on Christmas Eve while we visited her grandparents in Wisconsin and on New Year's Eve she became much more confident and is now walking all over the place - turning, taking curves and everything!

This is such an exciting time because it seems like Olivia is learning new things so quickly! She now says "uh-oh," "mama," and "puh" (which means puppy). She now signs "eat," "more," and "finished." It is truly awesome to watch her think and figure things out.

Our holiday break was wonderful. We saw so many friends and relatives in town and out. Olivia was overwhelmed by love, attention, and gifts. Our next big thing is her birthday & the accompanying party. Fun, fun, fun!