10 1/2 months old & sick again

Olivia just got over a terrible stomach bug a month ago that lasted 13 days, caused her to lose weight, and sent us to the ER twice for dehydration. Thankfully, she's regained the weight (plus quite a bit - yay!) and has been growing and learning like crazy. Unfortunately though, she's sick again and this time it's RSV. Since she's normally a healthy child, this RSV will probably be no worse than a bad cold. So far she's had fever, constant clear runny nose, and some deep hoarse coughs. Last night she developed a loud barking cough and I was convinced she had croup. She's still coughing but it doesn't sound so croupy today.

RSV can be contagious for 7-21 days so that means I'm starting my holiday break a whole week early (goodbye, personal days) and Olivia won't be back to daycare until 2009. As for our Christmas visit with all the cousins up North, I guess we'll just play that by ear.

I hate to end on a negative, so to cheer you all up, here is a beautiful picture of our Christmas angel. (Thanks to my Dad, the photographer.) Hopefully, I'll be able to post an update soon, but in case I don't, Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Chris said...

Beautiful picture!!

I hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon. It's so hard to see them uncomfortable :-(

Merry Christmas back to you!