Three-quarters of a year old!

Olivia turned 9 months old yesterday and met with Dr. S's nurse-practitioner for her well-baby checkup today. Here's how she measured in - Weight: 16lbs. 12oz. (15th percentile) & Height: 27.5 inches (48th percentile). If you remember at her 6 month check-up she was at the 15th percentile & 50th percentile respectively so her growth is holding steady, which is good.

The nurse-practitioner completed a developmental profile assessing Olivia's language, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills. It was so cool to watch Olivia take blocks from her, watch her tap the together, and then tap her own blocks together in response. It seems like a little thing but it's amazing to watch her figuring out the world around her in this way on a daily basis. Thankfully, Olivia is at or above all the developmental markers for her age and soon we can expect her to attempt walking and begin using her "ma-ma" and "da-da" sounds purposefully instead of just babbling.

She is doing great at daycare and loves watching all the action in her classroom. She is definitely the nosiest baby there! I've begun weaning her, after her first full day home with Daddy - it went so well with him feeding her formula from the sippy and she ended up sleeping 7 hours that night! I'm now nursing her 3 or 4 times a day and the rest of her "milk" comes from the sippy. She is still very strong-willed about it though and frequently refuses to drink so we'll just see how this whole process goes!

The photos are from this past weekend with My Dad (Olivia's Pawpaw) came to take photos of Olivia. These are just a few of my favorites. He took some of her in her Halloween costume but I'm not going to post those just yet! Check back to see them soon!