4 Month Checkup

Olivia had her 4-month checkup today and here are her stats: Weight: 12lbs. 14oz (27 %ile) Height: 25in. (72 %ile) Head: 16.25in. (52 %ile)

She's hitting all of her developmental milestones so everything looks good! Instead of posting new pictures, I decided to go a step further - video! Here is Miss Olivia showing off her mad rolling skillz. The still shot that Blogger picked for the video screen is a little odd, don't you think? My mouth was too close to the mike on my camera so beware of excessive volume. :) Enjoy!


Prayer Request

Thankfully, Olivia is just fine at the moment. She'll be seeing her pediatrician on Thursday for her 4-month checkup. I'll post her updated stats once we go. However, I do have a prayer request. Please say a prayer for my friend's two-week-old son who is in the hospital with breathing difficulties for which they have not yet found a cause. As they rule things out, the possible diagnoses are getting scarier and more severe. Please add your prayers to ours that he is healed. Thank you.


Sweet sweet laughter

Olivia laughed on Friday for the first time and I have to say that for me it was one of the sweetest moments ever. This evening she laughed again a couple times and it was just as awesome.

Thank you Jesus for the amazing gift you have given me in my daughter.


3 1/2 months!

I apologize for letting so long go between posts. Things have been crazy busy around here. Since the last time I posted Olivia has been baptised and spent time with most of the family members she hadn't met yet, I went back to work, we bought a house (but haven't moved yet) and we have our house on the market.

Like I said we've been crazy busy!

Going back to work hasn't been as bad as I expected primarily due to the wonderful family, friends, and coworkers who have helped us make the transition. Olivia is cared for at home on the 2 1/2 days a week that I work. Thankfully, since it's the end of the school year things are a little more laid back than usual and I can get away with a little slacking.

We're going to be moving next month about 20 minutes away from where we currently live which is very exciting, if more than a little bit stressful. In just a few weeks school will be over, we'll be in our new house and I'll have all summer to thoroughly enjoy my amazing daughter. Until then, here are a few recent pictures of my big girl!