9 weeks old

My baby is getting SO big! She's nine weeks old now and every day she grows and changes. Here are some of the things she can do now:

  • Focus in on people's faces - especially their lips when they speak to her
  • Focus on and intently watch the light-up sun on her activity mat
  • Smile when someone talks to her or when she recognizes Mama's face
  • Hold her head up almost all the time - when you hold her or when she has tummy time
  • Roll over from her tummy to her back
Here is one of her beautiful smiles.
Another milestone we recently hit is her first round of vaccinations. Here is a picture of an angry Olivia when we got home from her doctor's appointment. Notice the bandaids on her thighs. She got 3 shots in one leg and 2 in the other. You can definitely tell it hurt!Another issue we've been dealing with her diagnosis of Acid Reflux. There were a few weeks that were very hard for her and us. Thankfully, her medication has really seemed to kick in and the last few days have been a huge improvement. Besides taking medicine twice a day, Olivia sleeps in her Tucker Sling. It helps to prevent her from spitting up in her sleep and keeps her safe from choking. We're very glad she has it!
In the next few weeks, Olivia will be baptized. We are so very excited for this blessed sacrament and also for the opportunity it gives us to introduce her to many family members who don't live nearby. It will be a special event and a great party! The week after that brings my return to work - boo! With all the changes & events, I'll be sure to update as frequently as I can get around to it.