8 weeks old - Happy Easter

Olivia says, "Guh."
I'm sure what she means is: "Happy Easter, everyone!"


7 weeks old

Olivia is 7 weeks old. Wow.

Each day she continues to grow, change, and develop. She has increasing control of her head and holds it up often to look around. Her legs are really strengthening as well. Now when you hold her up she'll press down and hold some of her weight. We notice now that she can really focus in on our faces rather than just scanning around. It's just amazing when she turns and nails us with her serious little stare.

We'll be going for her 2-month checkup soon where she'll get her first big round of immunizations. I'm glad she'll be building her immunity but I am definitely not looking forward to her distress at getting the shots.

The next few weeks will be very busy - including St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Olivia's baptism. I can hardly wait for all the hreat memories we'll be making!