Viva Olivia!

Well folks, she's here!
Olivia Frances was born weighing in at a whopping 5 lb. 11 oz. We're all doing well.
Our beautiful baby girl

We are blessed beyond belief!


36 weeks Here we come!

Our appointment today with Dr. M-M was really exciting. She confirmed that everything on Olivia's sonogram looked good. She's measuring in the 40th percentile for size. The exam showed that Olivia is very low & I'm already having some cervical changes so things are really cooking!

Our doctor has reserved a spot for us at the hospital on the night of Feb. 11th if Olivia hasn't arrived by then (as a backup plan) but stated that she was dubious that we'd last that long. Somehow I think Olivia will be coming sometime before then.

Very exciting!

Tonight I got my hair trimmed & a pedicure. This weekend, we're installing the car seat. Bags are packed & ready to go. At this point, I just need to wrap things up at work and we'll really be as ready as we can be. Wahoo!!!


35 weeks - Sonogram!

Today we saw the sonographer to estimate Olivia's size and find out how she's positioned. We meet with Dr. M-M on Thursday and she'll give us more details and implications for the final leg of our pregnancy.

As of today, Olivia is estimated to weigh 5 lb. 2 oz. and is about 17.5 inches long! Totally amazing. She's head down, facing my right side which means that her bottom is in my left ribs and her feet are in my right!

It was great to see her again and it's hard to believe that we've got only a month or less to go! Wow!


34 weeks - Springtime in Winter

Well folks, it is January and it's 73 degrees outside! Unbelievable!

David and I took advantage of the nice weather and went to the Dallas Arboretum. Despite the significant wind, we had a nice lunch and a great time walking around the gardens.

Olivia's nursery is now complete - her glider has been purchased and is in her room! Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, we now have the vast majority of items we'd need for our hospital stay or first few weeks. We still have to get some miscellaneous nursing supplies, the diaper pail & stroller frame, but we have her diaper bag (packed), her car seat (not yet installed), and thanks to a wonderful baby shower this weekend, she now has three new pairs of shoes! What else could a girl possibly want?