10 1/2 months old & sick again

Olivia just got over a terrible stomach bug a month ago that lasted 13 days, caused her to lose weight, and sent us to the ER twice for dehydration. Thankfully, she's regained the weight (plus quite a bit - yay!) and has been growing and learning like crazy. Unfortunately though, she's sick again and this time it's RSV. Since she's normally a healthy child, this RSV will probably be no worse than a bad cold. So far she's had fever, constant clear runny nose, and some deep hoarse coughs. Last night she developed a loud barking cough and I was convinced she had croup. She's still coughing but it doesn't sound so croupy today.

RSV can be contagious for 7-21 days so that means I'm starting my holiday break a whole week early (goodbye, personal days) and Olivia won't be back to daycare until 2009. As for our Christmas visit with all the cousins up North, I guess we'll just play that by ear.

I hate to end on a negative, so to cheer you all up, here is a beautiful picture of our Christmas angel. (Thanks to my Dad, the photographer.) Hopefully, I'll be able to post an update soon, but in case I don't, Merry Christmas to all of you!


Fall Photos

Okay, so Olivia was not a fan of the pumpkin patch at first, but overall, our Halloween was great.


Three-quarters of a year old!

Olivia turned 9 months old yesterday and met with Dr. S's nurse-practitioner for her well-baby checkup today. Here's how she measured in - Weight: 16lbs. 12oz. (15th percentile) & Height: 27.5 inches (48th percentile). If you remember at her 6 month check-up she was at the 15th percentile & 50th percentile respectively so her growth is holding steady, which is good.

The nurse-practitioner completed a developmental profile assessing Olivia's language, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills. It was so cool to watch Olivia take blocks from her, watch her tap the together, and then tap her own blocks together in response. It seems like a little thing but it's amazing to watch her figuring out the world around her in this way on a daily basis. Thankfully, Olivia is at or above all the developmental markers for her age and soon we can expect her to attempt walking and begin using her "ma-ma" and "da-da" sounds purposefully instead of just babbling.

She is doing great at daycare and loves watching all the action in her classroom. She is definitely the nosiest baby there! I've begun weaning her, after her first full day home with Daddy - it went so well with him feeding her formula from the sippy and she ended up sleeping 7 hours that night! I'm now nursing her 3 or 4 times a day and the rest of her "milk" comes from the sippy. She is still very strong-willed about it though and frequently refuses to drink so we'll just see how this whole process goes!

The photos are from this past weekend with My Dad (Olivia's Pawpaw) came to take photos of Olivia. These are just a few of my favorites. He took some of her in her Halloween costume but I'm not going to post those just yet! Check back to see them soon!


A Fresh Look

I felt it was time for a fresh look for the blog. Hope you like. I've also added a "Followers" button on the sidebar. It's a new blogger thing where they will keep track of the blogs you read and give you updates. Sounds cool to me - I've tried to become a "follower" of most of your blogs. We'll see how it works...

It has been a crazy few weeks in our house but mostly good. I've started back to school and am getting used to our new routine which includes earlier rising, daycare three times a week, and trying to get organized with my work! Olivia is doing well in daycare. I really like her preschool and the caregivers in her infant room. She really enjoys being around the other babies and the different toys they have there. We've found a sippy cup she'll use (the Nuby cup from the dollar bin a Walmart - go figure...) but she's still not taking very much from it. I spoke with our pediatrician and she assures me that as long as Olivia is having at least 6 wet diapers in a 24 hour period, she'll be fine.

We've had lots of family in town the last little while, some from previously planned visits but several due to Hurricane Gustav. Thankfully, everyone is well but not everyone has electricity. It was so much fun to see Olivia interact with family members she doesn't get to see every day.

Olivia cut her first tooth last weekend and then three days ago we noticed that her second tooth has broken through as well! Add that to the runny/stuffy nose she's had lately and it's been superfun around here during the night. Her hair is really growing quickly now that it's finally coming in and I just love to rub her fuzzy little head.

We had a day last week of wonderfully cooler weather and it made me realize how ready for fall I am. We have so much to look forward to!


Some of my faves

Here are some of my favorites of our recent Olivia photos:

Olivia loves peas!

Pretty in pink at Peace Arch Park at the Canadian border

With Daddy at the Experience Music Project in Seattle

With Mama on Fourth of July

A New Development

Today for the first time, I could feel the sharpness of a tiny new tooth cutting through the gums in Olivia's mouth. Her first tooth! So far we can't see anything but something's definitely coming in. Such a big girl!


We're still here

I apologize for the long delay in getting new posts added! We have been so very busy here that it's just one of those things that gets overlooked.

Olivia turned 7 months old on Friday! Incredible, huh? She continues to grow, learn and amaze us with her new skills. Most recently, she's scooting all over the place, rocking on her hands and knees, and she's started to say "ba-ba-ba." Just yesterday, she started making a new face when she's happy or excited with a big smile and she wrinkles her nose. SOOOOOOO CUTE!

That's all I have time for right now but I promise to post more soon about going back to work, beginning daycare, food stuff, and all with pictures, I promise!


All About Olivia - 5 1/2 Months

*Being sung to - especially the Alphabet Song
*Having her ribs tickled and kissed
*Diaper changes
*Watching the dog run around the house
*Being independent in her exersaucer
*Grabbing her feet and trying to get her toes into her mouth.

*The 5 to 10 minutes before she finally falls asleep
*Getting her fingernails clipped. (Mama has resorted to biting them - it may be gross but totally effective!)

*Baby food - especially apples. She much prefers sweet potatoes at the moment.

Status Update

It is so amazing that Olivia will be halfway to her first birthday in just a matter of weeks! Unbelievable!!!

She is a sweet, happy baby and a total joy to be around 99% of the time. She is still not a great sleeper - taking an average of 2 short naps during the day and only sleeping 3 to 3.5 hours in a stretch at night. Her refux has really seemed to be much better. She still throws up sometime - but more and more it's just a normal amount of spit up rather than the huge projectile pukes we used to get.

She rolls quite a bit now but still has a preference of which way she rolls. I don't know what constitutes "sitting up" for a baby, but she can prop herself up without tumping over for about 10 seconds. I wouldn't say she's upright so much but we're on our way there! :)

We've started a little baby food - some sweet potatoes and most recently apples. We'll try some oatmeal cereal mixed with breastmilk next. I'm also excited about making pureed avocado for her to try. I read here that the LLL recommends it as a good food choice for breastfed babies.

We've settled into our new house and it's wonderful. About 20 minutes from where we previously lived but close enough to everyone and everything in our daily lives. When the school year begins again, it will be the first time that I've had a commute longer than 5 minutes! I know, I've been spoiled.

I've been researching and visiting daycare centers. Since I work 2.5 days a week, I'll be putting Olivia somewhere for 3 days each week. The fact that someone else will be caring for your child certainly seems more real when you visit the centers and see all the babies there! I'm doing o-kay with the idea at this point but I'm most worried about the fact that Olivia still isn't taking a bottle right now. I've bought the Breastflow bottles available at Target but we really haven't tried it yet. Since I'm home with her all day it's so easy and convenient for me to just nurse her. I really don't have a plan to make this work, y'all - have any of you mommies out there dealt with this? Help!


4 Month Checkup

Olivia had her 4-month checkup today and here are her stats: Weight: 12lbs. 14oz (27 %ile) Height: 25in. (72 %ile) Head: 16.25in. (52 %ile)

She's hitting all of her developmental milestones so everything looks good! Instead of posting new pictures, I decided to go a step further - video! Here is Miss Olivia showing off her mad rolling skillz. The still shot that Blogger picked for the video screen is a little odd, don't you think? My mouth was too close to the mike on my camera so beware of excessive volume. :) Enjoy!


Prayer Request

Thankfully, Olivia is just fine at the moment. She'll be seeing her pediatrician on Thursday for her 4-month checkup. I'll post her updated stats once we go. However, I do have a prayer request. Please say a prayer for my friend's two-week-old son who is in the hospital with breathing difficulties for which they have not yet found a cause. As they rule things out, the possible diagnoses are getting scarier and more severe. Please add your prayers to ours that he is healed. Thank you.


Sweet sweet laughter

Olivia laughed on Friday for the first time and I have to say that for me it was one of the sweetest moments ever. This evening she laughed again a couple times and it was just as awesome.

Thank you Jesus for the amazing gift you have given me in my daughter.


3 1/2 months!

I apologize for letting so long go between posts. Things have been crazy busy around here. Since the last time I posted Olivia has been baptised and spent time with most of the family members she hadn't met yet, I went back to work, we bought a house (but haven't moved yet) and we have our house on the market.

Like I said we've been crazy busy!

Going back to work hasn't been as bad as I expected primarily due to the wonderful family, friends, and coworkers who have helped us make the transition. Olivia is cared for at home on the 2 1/2 days a week that I work. Thankfully, since it's the end of the school year things are a little more laid back than usual and I can get away with a little slacking.

We're going to be moving next month about 20 minutes away from where we currently live which is very exciting, if more than a little bit stressful. In just a few weeks school will be over, we'll be in our new house and I'll have all summer to thoroughly enjoy my amazing daughter. Until then, here are a few recent pictures of my big girl!


9 weeks old

My baby is getting SO big! She's nine weeks old now and every day she grows and changes. Here are some of the things she can do now:

  • Focus in on people's faces - especially their lips when they speak to her
  • Focus on and intently watch the light-up sun on her activity mat
  • Smile when someone talks to her or when she recognizes Mama's face
  • Hold her head up almost all the time - when you hold her or when she has tummy time
  • Roll over from her tummy to her back
Here is one of her beautiful smiles.
Another milestone we recently hit is her first round of vaccinations. Here is a picture of an angry Olivia when we got home from her doctor's appointment. Notice the bandaids on her thighs. She got 3 shots in one leg and 2 in the other. You can definitely tell it hurt!Another issue we've been dealing with her diagnosis of Acid Reflux. There were a few weeks that were very hard for her and us. Thankfully, her medication has really seemed to kick in and the last few days have been a huge improvement. Besides taking medicine twice a day, Olivia sleeps in her Tucker Sling. It helps to prevent her from spitting up in her sleep and keeps her safe from choking. We're very glad she has it!
In the next few weeks, Olivia will be baptized. We are so very excited for this blessed sacrament and also for the opportunity it gives us to introduce her to many family members who don't live nearby. It will be a special event and a great party! The week after that brings my return to work - boo! With all the changes & events, I'll be sure to update as frequently as I can get around to it.


8 weeks old - Happy Easter

Olivia says, "Guh."
I'm sure what she means is: "Happy Easter, everyone!"


7 weeks old

Olivia is 7 weeks old. Wow.

Each day she continues to grow, change, and develop. She has increasing control of her head and holds it up often to look around. Her legs are really strengthening as well. Now when you hold her up she'll press down and hold some of her weight. We notice now that she can really focus in on our faces rather than just scanning around. It's just amazing when she turns and nails us with her serious little stare.

We'll be going for her 2-month checkup soon where she'll get her first big round of immunizations. I'm glad she'll be building her immunity but I am definitely not looking forward to her distress at getting the shots.

The next few weeks will be very busy - including St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Olivia's baptism. I can hardly wait for all the hreat memories we'll be making!


Baby Care

Dooce linked to a great baby care article in her latest post. It's a bunch of graphics contatining "Do/Do Not" guidelines on how to care for your baby. You MUST check it out!!!



Viva Olivia!

Well folks, she's here!
Olivia Frances was born weighing in at a whopping 5 lb. 11 oz. We're all doing well.
Our beautiful baby girl

We are blessed beyond belief!


36 weeks Here we come!

Our appointment today with Dr. M-M was really exciting. She confirmed that everything on Olivia's sonogram looked good. She's measuring in the 40th percentile for size. The exam showed that Olivia is very low & I'm already having some cervical changes so things are really cooking!

Our doctor has reserved a spot for us at the hospital on the night of Feb. 11th if Olivia hasn't arrived by then (as a backup plan) but stated that she was dubious that we'd last that long. Somehow I think Olivia will be coming sometime before then.

Very exciting!

Tonight I got my hair trimmed & a pedicure. This weekend, we're installing the car seat. Bags are packed & ready to go. At this point, I just need to wrap things up at work and we'll really be as ready as we can be. Wahoo!!!


35 weeks - Sonogram!

Today we saw the sonographer to estimate Olivia's size and find out how she's positioned. We meet with Dr. M-M on Thursday and she'll give us more details and implications for the final leg of our pregnancy.

As of today, Olivia is estimated to weigh 5 lb. 2 oz. and is about 17.5 inches long! Totally amazing. She's head down, facing my right side which means that her bottom is in my left ribs and her feet are in my right!

It was great to see her again and it's hard to believe that we've got only a month or less to go! Wow!


34 weeks - Springtime in Winter

Well folks, it is January and it's 73 degrees outside! Unbelievable!

David and I took advantage of the nice weather and went to the Dallas Arboretum. Despite the significant wind, we had a nice lunch and a great time walking around the gardens.

Olivia's nursery is now complete - her glider has been purchased and is in her room! Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, we now have the vast majority of items we'd need for our hospital stay or first few weeks. We still have to get some miscellaneous nursing supplies, the diaper pail & stroller frame, but we have her diaper bag (packed), her car seat (not yet installed), and thanks to a wonderful baby shower this weekend, she now has three new pairs of shoes! What else could a girl possibly want?