32 weeks - Pictures, Finally!

Okay, here's the photo-update. Enjoy!

Belly Pic at 32 weeks Here is Olivia's nursery - starting from the view looking in from the doorway and rotating clockwise.

The changer and hutch

Her crib with homemade bedskirt, blanket (folded), and pillow The valance that matches the bedding
Her chest of drawers (Notice the pretty diaper cake from one of my showers)
Her closet (the clothes!) and her bookshelf full of fabulous books

We've attended our baptism class, chosen Olivia's godparents, interviewed and have selected a pediatrician for her arrival. Our childbirth class is over. We're still going to attend the Infant care & CPR class and a breastfeeding class in January.

The big thing that we've yet to do - and it's not essential at all - is choose & buy a glider for her room. Really we're in great shape - as prepared as we can be at this time! Thanks to everyone for the prayers, blessings & gifts. We are truly overwhelmed & blessed.

Update to come featuring Olivia's Christmas presents. David swears he's bought her the Best. Gift. Ever. but won't tell me what it is. I'll post after Christmas to let you know and end the suspense!

Much love to you all. We wish you a very merry Christmas as we anxiously prepare for the blessing of our own child and the celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. What a wonderful time of year!


30 weeks - Bad blogger

I am very sorry to be so remiss in posts lately. I'll give a quick update post to kick off a blog-a-ssance.
  • Dave has finally felt Olivia move! It is great! I felt her first at about 17 weeks and he got to feel her at about 28 weeks. She remains a very active baby and seems to be getting a pretty consistant schedule. She jabs me a few times when I very first wake up and start moving. She's quiet for most of the morning, perks up after I eat lunch and sleeps through the afternoon. Usually her most active time is when I settle down in the evening - usually between 6 and 9 pm. I mostly feel her at the highest part of my belly but every once and a while she gives me a good kick in the side. Feeling her movements is absolutely the best!
  • Olivia's nursery is almost finished (pictures to come). We received her bedding so she now has a bedskirt, blanket, pillow & window valance. I know the blanket and pillow are just for decoration at this point, but it looks so nice! All we need now is a glider/rocker.
  • I hit 30 weeks on Friday! Yay! We're now going to our OB's office for checkups every two weeks and so far everything looks good. I've been diagnosed with anemia and am taking iron supplements. Once I hit 36 weeks, we'll go weekly.
  • Dave & I attended our first childbirth class. It was great. We both really like our childbirth educator who is a former L & D nurse and is also a lactaction consultant. She'll be running our breastfeeding class in January as well.
  • We are going to be picking a pediatrician for Olivia in the upcoming weeks. We have an prenatal consultation with one recommended by my obstetrician on Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • Christmas decorations are up. The tree looks so pretty & already has lots of wrapped gifts laying beneath it. We've decided to not put up any outside lights since we'll just have to take them down & it's SO much work. We are very blessed to have lots of family and friends visiting for the holidays.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep checking back because I know I have so much to catch everyone up on!