26 weeks - Less than 100 days to go!

(My friend Amy admonished me for not posting often enough & she's right. Plus, I forgot to call her on her birthday so she deserves a blog shoutout! Hi Amy!) :)

An amazing milestone - less than 100 days to go until Olivia is evicted from her current cozy home! :) I'm feeling well. Definitely getting bigger, a bit more uncomfortable, get tired more quickly, but loving being pregnant. Feeling Olivia move (which happens often - she's an active baby) is the absolute best thing ever!

We've been blessed to have already received many gifts to celebrate Olivia's addition to our family. A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to visit my family in Louisiana before I was grounded from traveling. It was fabulous! This past weekend, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law hosted a shower for us as well. Everything was perfect and beautiful. Pictures to be posted soon. We are a little overwhelmed by the amount of space that all the baby stuff is taking up so far and know that we have a LONG way to go! Our house is shrinking as I type!!!

Our plan is to get Olivia's bedroom painted this weekend. My Mom is going to help with that. Once that's finished we can take all the furniture out of the boxes & plastic wrap and I'm guessing it will begin looking like a real nursery. So exciting!

I had a doctor's check-up on Tuesday - took my 1-hr glucose tolerance test (standard test for all pregnant women to check for gestational diabetes) and that went well. At this point I begin seeing my OB every two weeks.

Here are the current list of things to do:

  • Sign up for the infant CPR class
  • Register for the tour of the hospital (We're delivering at Las Colinas Medical Center)
  • Interview potential pediatricians

It is all so exciting. We are so blessed.