22 weeks - New belly shot!

Okay, here I am in all of my bellyrific glory!


21w4d - Dr's Appt & Nursery Update

We went to see Dr. M-M today and everything looks great. She said to continue to drink lots of water to prevent the Braxton Hicks contractions and to take it easy if they worsen. The nurse's comment today was, "You have a very active baby!" While she was trying to get Olivia's heartbeat with the doppler, Olivia had other ideas. She was flipping & turning & basically refusing to stay still long enough for them to get a read on her! Eventually they did get a reading of a beautiful 150 bpm

The nursery is coming together! Here are some pictures. I promise to post another belly picture soon since I've grown quite a bit since the last time I posted one!

The drop side is not yet assembled onto the crib. That's why it's touching the floor.

This is the matching chest of drawers. Her changer hasn't come in yet.

These are the fabrics that will make up her blanket, bedskirt, and valance.


21w2d - Braxton Hicks

So I've officially begun having Braxton Hicks contractions. I began feeling the strange tightening sensation a couple of weeks ago but it was very infrequent and not very distinct. They are now happening much more often, throughout the whole day (and night), and they're hard to ignore. Not painful, just uncomfortable and hard to ignore. The nurse at my OB's office says it's no cause for worry but I'm glad that I already have an appointment to see Dr. M-M on Tuesday morning. A little extra reassurance never hurt anyone! At least not me!

In other exciting baby-related news, we now are in possession of a gorgeous cherry crib and chest of drawers for Olivia's nursery. We have her hutch as well but haven't assembled it quite yet since we're still waiting on the changer with which it goes.

David and I visited a seamstress who lives out in the country who specializes in nursery decor. We found some really cute fabric that we love. So we are in the process of ordering Olivia's bedding - a blanket, dust ruffle, pillow & valance. It was fun to be able to design and customize the look just for Olivia.

There is only three more weeks before I'm prohibited from traveling outside of the metroplex. In that time we'll be seeing friends in Houston and I'll be visiting family in Louisiana with my Mom. I'll try to post pictures soon of Olivia's nursery-in-progress & the fabrics we've chosen for her bedding.