20 weeks - Already halfway there

Here's an update on fetal development in week 20. We're halfway through the pregnancy but Olivia still has lots of growing to do!

The little delicates bones continue to ossify and toughen while their itsy bitsy finger and toe pads are finishing up. Your little monkey now has teeth buds, although they’re hidden beneath the gum line. And finally! Their limbs have reached their relative proportions—no more alien baby! Their cute pink lips are more defined, and might be helping out in a bit of prenatal thumb-sucking. What’s more, eyelashes and eyebrows are also visible. At this point, your little one really looks like a miniature baby—and we do mean miniature as your little swimmer currently weighs a mere eighth of their final birth weight. With half the pregnancy behind you, the most significant gains are yet to come!


It's a...

Please meet our daughter, Olivia Frances McGuire.


18w5d - Eye Color?

Another expectant mother recently posted a link to an eye color calculator from The Tech Museum that explains the genetics behind heredity of eye color. I don't remember much about genetics from high school other than some rather vague recollection of Mendel's pea plants but this puts thing pretty clearly. The other neat thing about it is that (if done correctly) it gives you the exact probability of the eye color of your children!

Interestingly, hazel eyes are not their own genetic thing, so if you have hazel eyes like I do, you have to choose the color they're closest to - blue, brown or green.

Here's what the eye color calculator had to say about our kids:

Cool, huh? Looks like our greatest chances are for brown, then green followed by a slim 18.7% chance of baby blues. Then again, we'll might just end up with 100% hazel!


18 weeks - Tap, tap

I've started to feel the baby move and it's definitely the coolest thing ever! I've had two very different sensations that I've attributed to our little one. The first feels like a muscle twitch. (Like those annoying twitches you get under your eye every once in a while.) It's not as regular as a twitch but the sensation is very similar. The second is my favorite - the infrequent, random bump, tap. So far, I've only felt this while laying in bed or on the couch. It is SO neat. I really can't wait until I begin to feel the baby more regularly. What a blessing!



I hit 17 weeks tomorrow! Man, have I been busy!

Earlier in the week I had the handymen come over to install a new faucet & garbage disposal in our kitchen. (Faucets - so shiny! Disposal - so quiet!) They fixed our jacked up air vents that have never sat flush with wall. (It looks great!) And replaced the ceiling fan in our living room which hasn't worked for a couple of months since one of the big storms earlier this summer. (It is beautiful but it still doesn't work!) Apparently the problem was NOT in fact a burnt out motor in the old fan and instead has to do with some wiring difficulties. Ugh.

We're 9 days into the new school year. I love my new job! I hate that I'm ALREADY sick. When to the doctor today with some pretty significant sinus & ear pain and apparently I'm being attacked by our friend, the rhinovirus. (Can't we all just get along?) Got some OTC Tylenol congestion stuff that should help with the pain. The worst thing about the entire sickness is that I had a super fun weekend at the lake with the girls planned and I have to miss it. I know I'd feel even worse if I went and someone got sick (especially one of the babies!) but it really stinks to miss out on such a great time.

On the baby front:
  • Our genetic risk levels came back from the specialist's office at the lowest levels possible. The nurse said it was a perfect result. I went back today for round 2 of bloodwork which is required for all the patients who go through this screening.
  • I popped by my OB's office today (since it's in that same building) and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. It was a beautiful, healthy 152. My next appointment with her is just a normal check up on Sept. 11.
  • We've scheduled our "anatomical screen" sonogram (also known as the answer to the cheeseburger or hot dog debate!) We've decided to keep that date a secret for now so that we can enjoy it for ourselves for a little while. We ABSOLUTELY promise to share the great news soon after we know & it will be this month for sure for all you anxious friends & family out there.