7 weeks - Thank you God!

I am so thankful to hit the 7 week mark. Sonogram in 4 days!


6w4d - Symptoms worsening (yay!)

Last night after dinner, I had a bout of what could only be described as full-blown nausea. No throwing up, just that terrible sick feeling.

We had a busy weekend with family since we celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday. It was a good time, complete with Karaoke Revolution & board games.

I do have to say, though, it will be nice to just have some lazy, quiet time today!

Only one week til our first ultrasound!


New Blog Feature

I just added a list on the right sidebar in order to keep track of my upcoming appointments. I spoke with my OB's office today and made appointments for an exam with the nurse-practitioner and my first obstetrical sonogram with the actual OB. Exciting!


5w2d - Fatigued

So far, so good! For the last week, I have been very tired all day - I've pretty much been sleeping in, taking naps & going to bed early. I've had a few bouts of queasiness but no real nausea. That's all for the symptom update. Everyone have a happy Father's Day!


Sono Scheduled

Our first sonogram to see the baby's heartbeat is scheduled for the morning of July 2nd. I should be about 7 weeks along at that time.



Well folks, it seems that I am pregnant!

I am approximately 4 weeks 4 days along. Here's what has happened so far...

May 12-26: Underwent fertility treatment including Clomid (pills), Repronex (injections) and an IUI.

Saturday 6.2.07: Took a home pregnancy test (HPT)- negative

Tuesday 6.5.07: Took another HPT - positive!!! Call doctor and go in for bloodwork. First blood test comes back at 109, a great number.

Thursday 6.7.07: Return to doctor for second blood test - comes back at 190. An okay number but not as high as we'd like.

Monday 6.11.07: Return for third blood test - a great 526!

For our next step, we schedule a sonogram to see the baby's heartbeat for the first week of July! So far, I am feeling fine just very, very tired. I plan on taking it easy for these first few weeks.

We'd very much like to thank everyone for the prayers. Please keep them coming!